The following pictures show the key technical capabilities we have in the lab. (we also inherited the rheology capabilities from the former NCSU Food rheology lab: https://fbns.ncsu.edu/rheology/ Please contact the current PI, Dr. Haotian Zheng, if you are interested in rheology studies for food and bioprocessed materials)


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Anton Paar MCR302 Rheometer (cone-plate, tribology cell, interfacial shear rheology)


Anton Paar MCR302 Rheometer (bob-cup)


Instron 5565 Tension tester/pull tester is used to determine the tensile strength of various materials from metals to plastics


The 5540 Single Column System is for tests requiring less than 2 kN force (tension, compression, bending and component testing)


laser diffraction particle size analyzer (MasterSizer 300, the instrument is capable for measuring both liquid and powdered samples)


light scattering instrument for electrophoretic mobility, zeta-potential, & size measurements of proteins, polymers, and all types of nanoparticles


Turbiscan, Transmission and Backscattering intensities based technique for testing stability of dispersion systems


Hach Turbidimeter


Waters HPLC system (RID, PAD)














SDS-PAGE: gel cell, powder supply, PROTEAN i12 IEF system (is designed for isoelectric focusing (IEF) proteins in immobilized pH gradient (IPG) strips for the first dimension of two-dimensional (2-D) electrophoresis), gel scanner





Vapor Pressure Osmometer




Density meter


Metrohm 877 Titrino plus: potentiometric endpoint titrations (SET), monotonic titrations with automatic equivalence point finding (MET)


Goniometer: interfacial tension and interfacial dilatational rheology

Branson Ultrasonicator


GEA Panda high pressure homogenizer (1500 bar)


IKA continuous Stator-Rotor homogenizer


IKA T25 stator-rotor homogenizer


Thermo Scientific Micro-centrifuge




Oil bath & water bath


Student and researcher work space in the lab (we have 6 desks like this in the lab)


We also have accesses to other advanced instruments at NC State University and surrounding area